Woo Woo(3)自動撒嬌

Woo Woo 的進展不錯, 對人友善了

這天去暫託家, 他動作多多

平時是摸完哄完他, 才會捲貓餅
這次一見面就自動捲啦 XDDD

傻 Woo Woo 裝作沒心機要人摸

大大隻的他, 撒起嬌來就像小朋友, 哈哈

Woo Woo 好叻!

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About 喵喵棋.meowmeowkei

The more I know about human, the more I love animals!
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4 Responses to Woo Woo(3)自動撒嬌

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  2. Lu媽 says:

    大大隻撒起嬌嚟越見kawaii XDD

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